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Faith Dog Project Story

Established 2008



The Pet Prescription Team (PPT) founded The Faith Dog Project in memory of Brielle Murray and her dog Faith.  Brielle and Faith were members of the PPT and wholeheartedly represented what the PPT was all about, “Healing Hearts Through Pets.” 


In 2008, Brielle Murray was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) which is a cancerous tumor that develops in the body's soft tissues, usually the muscles. It can affect the head, neck, bladder, arms and legs. Cells from these tumors are often fast growing and can spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body. Brielle's tumor started within the ear canal. During the next three years she would undergo multiple surgeries, Radiation, Chemo treatments and a Stem Cell transplant. Sadly, Brielle passed away from us on February 18, 2011, but not before she saw her dream become a reality.



It was Brielle’s wish that children with cancer who were in the hospital and were visited by the PPT would receive stuffed dogs to keep them company after the PPT volunteers left. Through The Faith Project, “Faith Dogs” are given to the patients that the team members visit.  PPT began with the oncology patients at Kaiser Hospital in Los Angeles and hope to spread the project to all areas that they visit.



With each dog, we share Brielle's story and her inspiring words, "With Faith, All Things Are Possible." With each hug the dog receives, each tear it catches, and each moment of pain that it absorbs, Brielle's hand and Faith's paw will continue to imprint their prayers and love to those who need it most.

Theres No Place Like Home Project
Founded 2012

In 2012, The Pet Prescription Team started a program called; “There’s No Place Like Home.” This projects goal, as well as vision, is extremely clear. To take the time and energy to create a relaxing atmosphere for a less fortunate resident/patient by giving them a room make over.  We not only help them to pick up their scattered belongings, we transform their room into a place they feel comfortable in. We do this by talking to the patient, getting to know their likes and interests and from there we purchase items and make over their rooms to make them feel more at “home,”  leaving a lasting impression on their lives.

In 2014, we expanded this project to include children’s hospital rooms and outreaches to families in need of support by providing items for long term care during hospice care and in home care. This project also includes providing special events for oncology patients. This project not only recognizes the patients struggle but acknowledges the families difficulties during a time of illness. The animal assisted therapy visits we offer at the Pet Prescription Team provide an unconditional healing bond to all we visit. Whereas, “Theres No Place Like Home,” project is a constant reminder after we leave they are loved, appreciated, and not alone.


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