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Therapy dog

Who We Are

The Pet Prescription Team is a leader in the field of Animal Assisted Therapy and as such we strive towards enhancing quality of life through the human animal bond. We are an all volunteer certified therapy dog organization who visit local area hospitals, assisted care facilities, rehab facilities, mental health facilities, library programs, hospice, Los Angeles County jails, Los Angeles County Juvenile correctional facilities, United States Attorney General offices and special needs children homes and schools.

pet prescription team

Therapy Dog Certification

The volunteers of the Pet Prescription Team come from every walk of life. We offer therapy dog training classes in Los Angeles & San Diego county. Perspective volunteers and dogs go through an 8 week therapy dog training class which involves training the pet owners and their family pets to make visits. These classes occur inside of a facility, and utilize hands on training to cover how to deal with people and events in various situations that may occur during the therapy visitations.

faith dog project


Over the past 16  years the Pet Prescription Team has started numerous projects which benefit the communities they serve. 

  • Faith Dog Project 2008

  • HBIC (Help for Brain Injured Children Program) 2009

  • Kaiser Los Angeles 2009

  • Kaiser Downey 2010

  • There’s No Place Like Home 2012

  • CAC 2015 Children's Advocacy Center for Child Abuse Assessment

  • Ontario Airport Comfort Dog Program 2014

  • Los Angeles County Sheriff Human Trafficking Task Force 2016

  • Los Angeles County Twin Towers Jail 2016

  • Los Angeles County Juvenile Hall 2017

  • United States Attorney General Los Angeles Headquarters 2018

  • Disneyland Wellness Program 2022

Pet Prescription Team is a Non-Profit 501c3 organization and is supported by those that believe in the cause and work that is provided to the communities we serve.

501c3: 37-1596134

Meet the Founder/Director
Krystal Emery


Krystal Emery is the founder and director of the Pet Prescription Team and is the overarching leader of the team in its entirety. Krystal and her husband Philip of 45 years, work side by side, helping pet owners train their family pets to become Certified Therapy dogs.

Before becoming a Dog Trainer and Founder of the Pet Prescription Team in early 2003, Krystal and Philip experienced firsthand the suffering and isolation elderly and mentally ill patients experience through being confined to a facility through the diagnosis of Philips father with Alzheimer’s. During the care of Philips father they both were able to see how beneficial their family dogs were in the comforting of not only Philips father but to other residents in the facility where he lived. In some cases it was the only visitor many of the residents ever received. It was through this experience that the Pet Prescription Team was born.

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